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Capturing emotions and solidifying them into artworks and words. That's what I do best.

I appreciate all kind of emotions and respect them equally. I put them on their own places, along with the memories that they belong to.

Just like there is a time for sunrise, there is also a time for sunset. There is a time to be sad and there is a time to be joyful. There is time to remember and there is time to pass the memory. There is a time to grief and there is a time to cherish.

As much as we love to hold on to, there are times we have to let go. And letting go is never about forgetting or ignoring. To me, letting go is all about putting everything into it's own time and place.

Writing has always been the way for me to straighten my mind and gain the clarity. It is a way for me to understand myself better.

Creating art has always become my way to straighten my emotion. To express things that words couldn't describe.

And both of them give the time and space for me to put everything into perspectives. To give me a chance to see everything from various angles.

And that's what this site is all about; a chance and a safe place to see things from various point of views.

You will find many short or long conversations here, but you won't find who said what.

For many years, I've trained myself to trust my judgement and value the context of a message without putting the weight on who said it, and I could say that, it was one of the best gift that I've given to myself.

So, if you happened to find this site, and have read up to this point, I hope you will enjoy your reading and viewing journey. Some of them might won't be pleasant to you, or you might won't agree with them, and that's fine. None of us are here to find approvals.

My only wish is for you to gain some insight, to start some questions and conversations with your very own self, about the things that matter to you, right after you read or view something here.

I wish something here will evoke something there, in you.



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