My Intention

 To Empower Women on Different Parts of Life Through Artworks

Being a Buddhist Indonesian born Chinese women, who married a Muslim Javanese native Indonesian, I am very aware of differences and very familiar with alternative options in life. My life path often being categorized as unusual, and I couldn't be more thankful for that.

Differences allow me to see things that many wouldn't. It also allows me to explore many different options that to many might not be seen as possible.

Having two difficult pregnancies and miscarriages forced me to face my own sadness, grieve, fear, worry, anxiety, and even fight my own depression for years. It had also put me in a very vulnerable situation towards judgements, society's values and family expectations for years.

However, those sad experiences are also the ones that allow me to have my second chance to see life from different perspectives. To really choose what really matter to me, despite what the society agreed of. To set the stone to my very own path and to stop being so apologetic of being myself.

A woman wears a lot of hats throughout her life, and with each of those hats comes different expectations that she has to follow in order to feel proper and belong to. This is a fact that many women faced, either we like or dislike to admit it.

And through all those experiences that I've encountered in life, art is the only thing that feels consistent to me. Art gives a safe and non-judgmental space for me to be me. And that's exactly what I wanna share to the other women; the fact that they have many options and alternatives throughout their lives, and that art and artworks could actually empower them.

I prefer to lean my work towards art more than fashion. Fashion is basically everything about trend, momentous designs, and short time span. While art is everything the opposite of it. Art is meant to be timeless, created with a long contemplations, deep connections, thoughtful ideas, and strong valid reasons even just for its' existence; just exactly how I created my artworks.

I want everyone who wear my artworks, who work with my company, or even just encounter their ways with mine, to feel good about themselves, to understand their own value and worth. To have the safe space to express themselves as who they are, or how they feel and what they are currently facing, despite how the world wants them to be. To be strengthened to against the odds and choose different choices and options that they feel better for them.

And that's how I work with my intention in life, through what I do best; creating artworks, running a business, and writing about the thoughts that empowers us, women.

Last Updated: May 8, 2021


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