What Is The Color Of Longingness?

Love, undoubtedly, is one of the easiest feeling to describe or show. It is celebrated anywhere, anyhow, and anyway we could. Everything pink, red, heart will instantly be described as love. Almost similar to happiness that is described oftenly with pop bright and colorful colors.

But, how about the feeling of longingness? Should it has a color, what color would it be? Is it the color of the dark evening, right after the sunset? With the purple and blueish color? Or was it a deeper green than an emerald, but lighter than a moss? And how about the shape? How will longingness shaped? 

Or if grateful has a composition, how will it be? How would a building that is inspired by gratitude and is aimed to share it, be shaped? Or how should a necklace that is inspired by gratitude be designed and composed? 

If sadness has sparks, how will it sparks? Will it be like the little star in the sky? Or will it be a glimmering yellowish lightbulb of an empty cafe? How will sadness looks like? Will it be sharp like a tusk? Or will it be vulnerable like a ceramic dancer figurine?  

How do you capture and describe loneliness with just leaves on the ground, lighting, and no words? 

In my world and line of work, this is like my daily ritual. This is just a small part of questions that I asked myself when I create something. 

And this is exactly why I need to experience a lot of places, things, and emotions, including sadness and silence, to be able to understand, to describe, and to solidify them.

I asked a lot to my clients about their current state of lives, their thoughts, their emotional state, and even their wishes especially when they order custom pieces from me. It wasn't only to understand her/his perception and aesthetic values, but also to understand how to put the meaning on the artworks that I will create. 

Many of them said that when they purchased custom pieces from me, they're not only getting piece of artworks, but also gaining some sense of self-assurance. And I couldn't be any happier, for that is what I aim for, through my works.  

Two simple last questions before I ended this post; if you are a color, what color will you be? And if what you feel now has a shape or composition, how will it look like? 


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