What Is Art To You?

“Exploring life through art, exploring art to live.”

But what is art? I think everyone has different definition of art, depends on their own experiences and relationships towards art itself.

For me, to understand art is to understand life. Art is a tool of exploration and a media of expression when the words and idealism fail to do so.

It is impossible to avoid any ideas, controversies, and feelings, whenever I want to understand art. Yet it is also impossible to keep staying at the same point of life whenever I want to express art. It forces me to experience everything and letting go everything, almost at the same time. A balance in an unbalance situations.

Art has a very close relationship with philosophy, architectures, and aesthetics. And if we wanna go even broader, art also about constellations, mathematics, and not to mention politics as well.

I remember my curator used to said, “You can be a marketer, an accountant, or whatever your job description is, but once an artist, will always remain an artist. It is a way of life, the way you see and experience things. It's in the way you live your life, even to the things that you thought as unrelated to art.”

Don't get intimidated by art, and never complicate art. Art is always simple. Complications only made by those who have the importance to gain something from art. Real artists just wanna be understand and accepted, afterall that's why we run into art at first.

Just try to do any simple task that is related to art, and let your heart and body feel it. Then you'll understand.

What is art to you?


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