What If Word Is Not The Real Language ?

What if word is not the real language? And what if the basic importance of communication is neither about who is the sender or how it was being sent?

Aside from love which is hard to be measured, music and art are two of the few fields and disciplines in life that have proven those two questions as very relatable and argumentative.

With music, we have seen many cross boundaries musicians who don't understand each others' (word-y) languages, collaborated and jammed together nicely. Classical, Jazz, and Swing are among few genres that put forward on those wordless language heavily, according to their own principles on each of their own disciplines. We can even enjoy music without really understand the lyrics or even without lyrics at all.

With art, we've seen how the works of artists who have passed away hundred years ago still resound heavily to us now. Even without really knowing about the background of the artists or their works, we're still able to enjoy them and distinct their masterpieces from ordinary pieces or from anything designed. (Yes, art and design are heavily related but in my opinion, there are few key differences between them. I will discuss about it next time.)

Both music and art world have been using wordless communication since long time ago, and although the message that they carried might be less formal and simpler, we can't denied that it is still a message, they are still ways of communicating (languages), and they are also part of the communication tools. (I can even safely say, many of us learnt a lot more about life through music and art, more than philosophy books or classes. Lol.)

So, if the real language is (possibly) not completely about words, and the basic communication is not about the sender or how it was being sent, what could have possibly you missed to acknowledge in life for all these times, while heavily relying on words to communicate, without cultivating any artistic skills?


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