Painting and Interior

Painting and interior are two of my main sources for inspiration.

Believe it or not, a painting could change the whole vibe of a room, and interior overall could change the sense of belonging for the people who have main activities on that place.

I remember one memory when I was a kid, my dad was on the process of building a new house for us, and we visited the architect's house that day, to discuss about few things.

Her house left a deep impression to the little me. It was the first time I knew that a house can feel so welcoming, warm, and open at the same time. It's like when I came into the house, all of the emotional baggage that I had, disappeared. And it's like I was being reminded that everything is gonna be just fine, that I am home.

Only later that I know, certain height on a building, certain shapes, and certain levels of lighting, could actually affect how we perform and feel.

The most logical explanation was about the energy and air flow, but whatever it was, isn't it kinda amazing to know how so many things and situations actually affect us and our lives in many ways that we might never really realized of?

I think it was some of my very early encounters with the art and design world.

What was yours? Ever wonder about it?


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