Hello. These are the things that I'm currently focusing on:

- Being a wife, a daughter, and a sister – both my husband and I are the eldest in our family, and our parents are getting old that they need help, attention, and care from us, more than ever, especially during the pandemic. This 2022 until mid 2023 is a year that I dedicated to focus on my family, building better communication with my husband, helping my brother to settle down, and setting up the system, including the financial system and schedules for caregiver, medical check ups, medicines, and at-home physiotherapies for my parents. I believe, no matter how great and dedicated I am as an artist, family is still the first priority.

- Creating intentions jewelry for Vilici – Not only this is my strongest passion in life, it is also a way for me to empower our (women) lives, as a part of my life intentions.

- Managing PT.Inalix Digital Publication.

- Practicing mindfulness, read books, and meditate more.

- Eating & cooking healthier, living minimalist and sustainably, and also journaling to keep track of my accountability.

These are my priorities now and where I spent most my energy and time on. I am no longer participate or collaborate on any fashion show or fashion event. I will only consider my participation on art and mindful events.

You can reach me through:

Last Update: May 10th, 2022


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