Moment Of Truth

Just like a good photography, a good artwork will not only capture one's soul, but will also reflects her/his values, thoughts, and the way she/he projects oneself and the world. It should enhance the whole existence and experience of the owner at that very moment, so that it could be a memento of the journey till the very end of time.

It's like, when you have a piece of jewelry, and you see it again after few years, eventhough it might not be suitable for you to wear anymore, or maybe it wasn't at its' prime condition anymore, or the size doesn't fit you anymore, or you just simply feel uneasy to wear it again, you will still remember of how did you feel when you first had it.

You will remember what you've went through with it. And you will keep it still. Because it has become a part of you and your journey. Because you are able to see the value of that piece beyond the price and the looks of it. And to those pieces, you will only let go to those who could value them the same as how you would to.

To me, it is not about being sentimental. It is about being respectful towards every little thing that has shaped me into the person I am now.

That's why I always say, the real currency of good artwork is not money.

It is self-awaken.

Each artwork that you have is your moment of truth.


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