A masterpiece is not only the result of progressing skill sets of the artist/ creator.

In my opinion, it is even more to the results of the expanding character and evolving mind of the artist, from time to time.

How we grow our wisdom and our understanding towards ourselves and life, matter the most. How we choose to express them, what medium that we prefer, and which skill sets that we will use, will follow later.

Art is just one of the few mediums that I chose to explore life, express my thoughts, and to expand myself.

To experience life, explore myself, and encapsulated the journey through as many masterpieces as I could, is my main personal goal as an artist.

However, being an artist is never my goal. To be a human that understand life, is. And that's how my priority works.

Should there be one day for me to leave art behind and work with another medium to explore my path, I wouldn't hesitate even a split second to leave.

My true masterpiece will be my own life.


My work and status don't define me. The opinion of others don't bother me. The people that I love have no power over me.

As much as I love to collect memories and keep those I love around me, in the end it will always be just my life and me. Everything and everyone in between, shall pass, too.


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