Life Is A Never Ending Game

Bear in mind that not everyone plays the game to have some fun or friends, and that everyone has a different definition of fun.

Some people take fun as a fair long game or fair wars, some others take destroying the game and beating others no matter how, as their fun.

So..sometimes, when you lose to those destroyer kind of players, just remember that the two of you play two very different games for two very different goals.

Also remember that everyone starts with different set of cards. Some players will just have bad cards since the beginning to the end of game. Just like life, some people were born with bad set of cards, and of course they normally couldn't really compete with ones who born with and get all the good cards through life.

But cards are cards, you could always play it a bit to elevate some points if you know how to play it. The same with life, you could always do something with the cards you have to be in a better position, if you learn how to do it well.

And if one of your goals is to have fun, then never let any loss take the fun from you. Or if your goal to make friends, then don't let how they play dictate the chance of them being your friend.

Without a great opponent, no game will be fun enough to play. So, even the opponents deserve some respect.

Well, life is basically just a never ending game, and in a never ending game, you got to decide what kind of player do you wanna be and what kind of game do you actually wanna play.


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