To me, a little imperfection is what makes everything perfect. And it goes for everything in my life, including on my artworks.

I always love a little imperfection on my stones, or the irregular shape of my works, or on a little imbalance on the structures. Those feel like little surprises that makes the artworks alive and have their very own characters. Like their histories, before they came into my life.

It goes the same with colors, too. I always have a surprise hint of colors on my works. Color combinations that work like signature style of mine.

It's true that energy is transferable, and that in everything that we do, we invest our energy on it. Those imperfections are also the result of the energy that being invested into them.

Whenever I run my fingers through a stone and found a crack or a fine line, I would rub it and think, “What have you gone through before you meet me? What cracked you but didn't destroy you? What a strong stone you are.”

And that's how I am being reminded daily to be my strongest, because whatever cracked my soul and didn't destroy me, only makes my soul brighter and clearer. The cracks are where the lights get in.


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