Healing Stones

It is always interesting to find how people mostly will be divided into two groups of the hardcore-believers VS non-believers, whenever we talked about natural stones as healing crystals that have different healing properties.

I am actually in the middle.

I believe on the healing properties, firstly because I can sense them. The other reason was simply because I believe in the nature and I know that the nature has energy, vibrations, and frequencies on every element of it.

In today's world, most of us have already known that everything in life is vibrations (as Einstein once said cmiiww). Or the fact that everything is energy based and energy couldn't be created or be diminished, only could be transformed. Or the fact that atoms are in a constant state of motions and depending on the speed of these atoms, things are appear as solid, liquid, or gas. Or the fact that almost everything in the universe resonances at different frequencies.

To me, this is where the healing properties of the natural stones work. The similar level to the positive manifestation, meditation, brain vibrations, mindset and mindfulness work. It is a medium of the frequencies that we are aiming to amplify to the universe.

But I am also a non-believer, to the people who take and treat the healing stones as the key amulet and the magic answer to the changes in life that they desire to have.

To me, the determinations, the needs, the wants, and the ideas, should be started, nurtured, and manifested in our mind first. It all begin and sourced within ourselves. Only then, the healing stones will amplify those energy that we have cultivated and project them into the universe on vibrations, frequencies, and motions, which will help us to pull the strings and make few changes to happen.

I do know and believe that some stones do have stronger energy than us (or the people who own them). Some HSP people could sense them especially on stones that placed near temples, or waterfalls, or any place with abundant energy flows. But the way it works is to affect the energy, clear few things and give some clarity for our mind to decide, instead of making instant changes on our situations like some magic stones or fairy god mother.

In the end, for me, it will only be about aligning and adjusting our very own mind, frequencies, energies, and vibrations with the stones of our choices, to shift our mindset and amplify our positive manifestations.

So, will you give a try on healing stones?


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