I know gratitude is important and I, myself, have been experiencing the positive effect of it. Yet, not until yesterday, I really witness the real power of gratitude.

So, I joined Inalix's team building event virtually, yesterday. I've been managing and coordinating their digital presence and publication these few months.

On that virtual meeting, we listened to the history of Inalix, and we get to know almost every members and listen to their stories.

One of the newest colleagues that just joined Inalix is Wahid. He was one of the few who joined the event virtually as well. I could see he was laying down on his bed, and I thought he was sick.

Indeed, he was sick, but it wasn't the kind of sickness that I thought. His friend who took him to join Inalix, told us his story.

He couldn't move most of his body parts; from toes to recently his jaw, he couldn't really move them. He could move his head and hands, but the rest was numb. So, he couldn't munch food, and could only drink or eat soft and blended food.

He also couldn't sit straight, and have to be laid down in a car. So, he can't even enjoy the view, should someone take him to travel in car. He barely goes anywhere, let alone to try new food, new things, or anything that we all enjoy naturally. And yet, with all of his limitations, he still want to work and fights for his life everyday. He creates and collaborates with the design team to create visual interface to the programmes.

And I could see how happy he was during the event, smiling and being included, even just virtually, and just watching everyone on the event.

It inspired and empowered me a lot, to see how strong and how grateful he was of his life. All of my insecurities and complains about life, felt so minuscule and irrelevant.

Listening to his life story, made me realize of how lucky I am, that all the things that he couldn't have now, are the things that I've taken for granted, for sometime.

I was, once again, being reminded of what I truly value and what's really important in life.

Wahei Takeda, the Warren Buffet of Japan, had been practicing it through his businesses and life, and I couldn't agree more; Gratitude is a really powerful mindset and attitude in life.


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