There is a Japanese channel that I followed and love to watch. They often showed many stories of family businesses that have been running for generations and hold their traditions or cultures. 

One of the shows that I watched was about an old roasted mochi shop at an old temple. It has been running for generations by the female members of the family. They made the skewers from the special bamboo from around the temple. They cut, shaped, and sterilized them with care. They also produce the mochi by themselves. 

There was a part where they talked about how this pandemic affected their shop. They said, they've survived many pandemic and nature disasters before, but this one is the worst of all, and they are still trying to manage. 

Then the interviewer asked, "How about delivery system?" 

The current owner then replied, "We declined politely to all of the delivery services offer. Since the beginning, our only purpose is to serve the visitors of this temple. We don't serve those who don't even have time to put their hands together and pray here. We don't serve other purpose than that." 

And I was like..."Damn. That's such a clarity and dignity." Something that are rarely seen on businesses these days. 

I know that might not be a wise business decision from the eye of technology and profit. But I believe you feel it too; of how clear, courageous, sincere, and dignified that was. 

To me, it was a wise decision making that focus 100% on purpose. They serve purpose, not money. While these days, most businesses serve money and treat money as the God. 

I agree that every business should be profitable, but I also believe that at one point, we should have the line where we will stop serving money as the ultimate goal in business. 

I really admire their appreciation of culture, tradition, pride and care towards their work. I can feel how they put their soul into each of the works, and those values that they carried in life. Such a strong dedication to a purpose.

It empowers me so much, especially during times like this, where sales must be slowing down and we, the soloists, started to questioning ourselves, of how relevant and matters our work to people and life. 

To have clarity, courage, and dignity to serve the purpose. Something that I will remember for a long time. 


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