Art Narration

When a piece of art, being translated or interpreted into a different medium or art form, will it be the same art work or will it be another different artwork?

For example, when a painting being narrated into a transcript, will the transcript be taken as the same artwork as the painting (since it was explaining about the painting), or will it be taken as another art piece in different form?

The conclusion back then was, it should be taken as a different piece of artwork unless the narrator was the same creator him/herself, simply because the process of narrating or translating the original art piece will require the opinion and experience of the narrator or translator, which means, when it is done by someone else, it is no longer purely the intention of the original creator, but also has contain the perception of the narrator or translator oneself.

So when someone take a picture of a painting, the picture itself has become a new art work, since it took the photographer's opinion, experience, and soul on it. It shows how fluid, receptive, and appreciative art is towards growth and movements.

Since then, I've been trying to incorporate and transform my jewelry into many form of artworks. That requires me to always add more skills on many fields, to be able to combine everything and evolve them into a new form.

This time, I'm glad that I've finally managed to combine another thing into my list and present my necklace in another new medium.

Necklace on the picture:
Onyx stone, Agate stone, Middle East Crystals, Japanese Pearls, Metal alloys.


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