Art is A Language

To be able to create art, one should be able to enjoy art as well.

It could be on another form or another media, and it could be someone's artworks, instead of nature or people all the time.

I read an interview of a Japanese artist back then, he was being asked about what inspired him the most, and his answer was, “Other people's works.”

I remember I was kind of raising one of my eyebrows back then. I didn't quite understand what he meant. Besides, I thought it was going to be a subconciously plagiarism when I see other people's work and create something out of it.

But I was wrong, and I understand it, now. It was the energy and the vibes that I feel through someone's work which somehow gets to me, inspires me, and so contagious to me, it drives my soul to be longing of the constructing process and inspire the courage in me to take action.

To create.

Art is a language. Artworks are ways to communicate. And the purest form of communication is always the message itself.


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