Art Agree To Disagree

“In math, you're either right or wrong. While in art, there's no such thing as right or wrong. Everyone and everything have their own places, and resound to the like-minded. Art agree to disagree.

And that's why I love art.

I clearly have no passion to be right or to compete against others.

I need a lot of my energy to focus on my life and the work that I love doing, that I have not much left to use for other people. Obviously, I won't scatter them just to do non-sense thing such as to compete.

In fact, I dislike competition. I just don't see the point of getting any validation from other people towards my (or anyone's) ability.

I am the master of my thoughts, my skills, and my works. I am the best person who know my strength and weaknesses. Of course, there were times when I tried to ignore or to pretend that I don't know my weaknesses. But we all know, at one point, we can't deny it. Lol.

Every artist and artisan is the greatest and most harsh critics to themselves. It's not that we don't know our weaknesses, we're just too lazy to correct ourselves sometimes. And we appreciate imperfections as much as we adore genuine reaction or imprinted growth.

In math, you're either right or wrong. Maybe that's also why I am not fancy of numbers.

Certainty made all of the fun, vanished.”


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