3 Things That I Learnt From Balinese People

There are three things that I learnt a lot from Balinese people.

The first was, no matter how difficult their situations are, culture and prayers to the higher self should never be weakened. Their dedications and commitments on taking care of their culture and beliefs are just amazing.

The second was, the way they see work and progress as the breath of life. Being able to work closely and intensely with Balinese artisans for few months, I could see how they took pride of their works. They don't hesitate to dedicate more time and efforts on creating details and delicate arts until they feel satisfied and find the perfection that they had in mind, making it a very enjoyable and satisfying experience for me since the closest to perfection is what I aim at my works as well.

The last one was, there is always time for everything. The economy in Bali is affected the most with no or less tourists around. Businesses were closed down, Kuta area had 95% businesses closed when I first arrived here. Most people would be on survival mode but I see almost no desperation. One stranger that I met on a warong said to me, “There is always a time for everything. When business was busy and blooming, it's time to put hardwork and efforts up. When the world needs time to heal like now, it is time for us to heal ourselves and learn to be better human, too.” And I love that very much.

Bali always reminded me to center myself, to connect deeper with the universe, and to respect people and the land where I stand.


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