Comfort VS Effort

When I re-organized my wardrobe this morning, I realized that my clothes were divided into two categories; the first one was what I really am comfortable with (who I am) and the second was what I wanna be seen with (who I wanna be).

The Who-I-Am category, consist of the outfits that I wear mostly and comfortably. They are the things that I could just throw together without even thinking, and I'll be ready in less than 5 minutes to go anywhere and enjoy whatever the occasion is. The style has been always a combination between resort and casual workwear into one. They are effortless to me.

On the contrary, the Who-I-Wannabe category, is everything about effort. The pencil skirt that won't allow me to sit with legs up, the semi off shoulder top that could only be paired with certain bras, the fitted dress that I have to pair with shawl or cardigan so it will look elegant,... well you get the idea.

It somehow reminded me that I should make time and plenty of efforts, should I really consider it is worthy to be who I wanna be. Comfort will bring me nowhere near to progress, obviously. Comfort is a state of how I am, and as comforting it is to just accept me the way I am, it will not contribute anything to my self-growth and my journey to who I wannabe, if I choose comfort over effort the whole time.

In the end it made me smile. Hell, if Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta can have her Lady Gaga to empower herself, then I can also have my Lady Gaga too (or Jessica Pearson more in my case), or whoever I wanna call that possibly-future me, lol.

I put the two categories into different parts of my wardrobe areas and take the Who-I-Wannabe ones as props. We all need props, even Lady Gaga can't be Lady Gaga all the time, right?


Changing and re-inventing ourselves doesn't mean to fake up ourselves. It is more to improving and self-upgrading ourselves to me.

The me now is a very different person to the me 20years or even 2 years or few months ago. In every different perspective that we gained in every minute of our lives, we restructuring our life values and renewing our life map. We re-inventing ourselves and re-building our reality.

In this case, I rebuilt and re-managed my whole outfit to suit my progress at the moment, not to mention that it was also a good way to maintain the minimalist in me.

I am being reminded today to always choose effort over excuses, and sometimes over comfort, too.


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